Day Three

Today we finally reached the outskirts of the city where we visited the Summer Palace. Each new Imperial palace we have visited quickly becomes my favorite, but now I will have a tough time topping this.  With the dramatic lake setting and abundance of Lotus flowers filled with rainwater, it was stunning. For the first time since we’ve arrived in China, we could see for miles.  We got a peek at the distant mountains where tomorrow we will hike the Great Wall!   One of our favorite parts of the Summer Palace was the three-tiered Opera house.  In its day, the empress watched Opera performances every single day!

                Images from the Summer Palace:

The Capital Museum was next on the agenda.  What a beautiful building this is! Here we toured exhibits on the history of Beijing and folk customs.  The ancient exhibits were my favorite. Here we saw ancient bronze work, calligraphy, and Buddhist art. I took lots of pictures for activities in history class that should be appealing to any new fourth graders.

We relaxed at a traditional teahouse where we sampled different types of tea and heard about their medicinal values. We’ve noticed that everywhere we go that people drink tea in thermoses and plastic bottles. We now we have an appreciation for why.

Our day ended with dinner at Guo Yao Xiao Ju, a tiny restaurant in a Hutong.  This restaurant serves dishes in the tradition of the Tan Family Cuisine.  Because this type of cuisine was unheard of to us, we were eager to try it.  The setting and the food were equally foreign and well worth trip.  The setting was so rustic, in fact, the only bathroom was a public one down the alleyway.

Tomorrow we leave for the Great Wall where we will spend the night far away from the city. Look for our next post soon; we can’t wait to see the countryside!


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